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Beginner Group Guitar Class meets on Wednesday evenings!
Class includes learning about the guitar, its sounds in a group context (orchestra or band etc.) parts of the instrument, how to hold and make sounds on them, and lots of hands-on time with it.  In addition, students will learn an overview of beginner music, strumming patterns and strengthening exercises,  and how to hold a note to get a clear tone.  Students will play tunes which are familiar to them and create their own music as a group. 


 At Starmaker Studio, EVERY CHILD IS A STAR!
Starmaker Studio for Performing Arts prides itself on providing professional instruction in a positive and nurturing atmosphere. We strive to make each class unique and challenging for our students, giving them the opportunity to grow according to their own needs and natural abilities.We offer an extensive curriculum for all levels and ages - from the beginner to advanced - from the very young, to the young at heart. It is our goal to provide a comprehensive dance and music education to all our students and to help them develop an understanding and love of the Art of Dance and Music.

Through the disciplined study and practice of dance, students are encouraged to develop poise, confidence and a sense of personal accomplishment. For everyone, however, dance opens the door to improved physical well-being, greater self-esteem and a deeper appreciation of the marriage of music and movement.And besides - dancing is a lot of FUN - something we remind our students of all the time!



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